1) How is security ensured
All my customers are mainly sheikhs from the ruling dynasty of the UAE, kings and princes, they have created absolute security in the Emirates for foreigners.

All my trips have been tested for years and have been arranged for a very long time, the whole organization has been honed by time. The conditions of the parties are necessarily discussed before departure.

Sheikhs treat girls very well and respectfully, they speak "you" and never forcibly force anything. There are no problems with people of this level, and they don't need any scandals themselves. Personally, in my experience, there has not been a single scandal with either mistreatment or rudeness towards girls.

• The UAE is a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. This is due to the strictness of local laws, as well as the extremely well-off population, which is mainly engaged in the development of themselves and their businesses, and not in any criminal cases.
• The majority of Dubai's population are expats or just foreigners temporarily residing in the country. Almost all of them know English and lead a Western lifestyle.
• It should also be noted that the Arabs are generally a very law-abiding people, and the culture of the country has developed a respectful attitude towards women and an extreme rejection of any form of harassment or liberties of this kind.

Don't be afraid to take your fate into your own hands and try to apply for modeling parties! By contacting me, you will be able to earn money in a safe, rich, beautiful, civilized and highly developed country.

2) Do they take your passport at parties?
They don't take your passport at any party. They can ask you to show the maximum when they want to verify their age or take a picture to buy tickets.

At some parties, phones are taken away only for the duration of the party and others are given out with a broken camera. Because it is forbidden to shoot and photograph at the parties themselves. And you can fully use your phone in a separate villa where you live with the other models

3) Is there a work contract?
No, they don't sign contracts. This is not an official job, and it's hard to call it a job. More rest, for which they also pay very decently

4) How is the confidentiality of models ensured?
I guarantee that your data will be safe, only I and the customer see your profile, and I don't show you to anyone without asking, we are very strict with this.

I'm primarily interested in your anonymity. For my part, I would like to ask you to also take all precautions and not show your profile to several managers and agencies at once.

No one will ever know that you flew to modeling parties until you tell them about it yourself.

5) Will I have any expenses for the trip?
Cooperating with me, the models do not pay any money in advance. I'm not asking you to buy your own plane tickets. If you need to apply for and pay for a visa, then this is also all at my expense.

For all my work, you pay a standard commission in this field. It is calculated after you receive the money at the end of the check-in. Payment is made in cash, usually in dollars

6) What should I do if I don't pass the height?
I ask you not to add non-existent centimeters to your height when submitting the questionnaire.

Of course, I understand that sometimes I want to lie about growth. But life is multifaceted, as well as our customers and their preferences. Do not think that we only need tall girls of 90-60-90. You don't need to add an extra 5 centimeters to yourself, because there are also parties for the short ones. For example, the King of Abu Dhabi does not like tall girls. There are a couple more offers for petite girls. Write to me and I'll tell you more.

In general, we indicate the real figures and parameters and cooperate honestly

Become a model →

Only 6 steps separate you from working as an image model


You write to me, I answer all your questions and send you detailed instructions on how to create a portfolio with examples. Thanks to 5 years of experience, I know how to coordinate the questionnaire from the 1st time


Based on your wishes and external data, we choose a trip. I am submitting an application, and then waiting for approval


I instruct you in detail about all the nuances of the trip and the things you need to take with you. I select the best route and send the tickets. If something goes wrong during the flight, you can call me and I will solve the problem.


I organize a transfer from the airport to the villa where the models live. In their free time, models can go on excursions, shop or just chill by the pool.

The party

I hand over the models to the caring hands of the girl manager, who will tell you about the dress code, makeup and the format of the evening: dinner at the villa, a party on a yacht or by the pool


I pay the fee in cash in $, arrange a transfer home