Working conditions the image of the model at the party
The selection for a modeling party in the UAE for Prince Muhammad of Saudi Arabia is always relevant, but very thorough. It's not easy to get there: many girls are selected for each race, but always only new faces. Girls of model appearance, height from 165 cm and strictly under the age of 24 are invited to the party. They can approve the candidacies of girls with short haircuts, tomboy, models of informal appearance, cosplayers. But at the same time, naturalness and natural beauty are a must have for all model image parties in the Emirates and not only. Piercing, silicone and tattoos are prohibited.

Another prerequisite for working as a model abroad is English at least Intermediate level, because you will need to keep in touch with the Prince and the party guests.

The duration of the contract is from 2 months.

The model's budget per day is $2,000, as well as bonuses from $10,000 and shopping fees.

All payment for this job for girls in the UAE takes place at the end of arrival, before departure.

Hangouts and parties take place 2-3 times a week, while during the event itself it is necessary to constantly dance - it is forbidden to just sit.

You are provided with free meals and accommodation in the Residence.

Initially, after approval, you are bought a ticket, you fly to Dubai, where you are checked into a hotel with other girls. You can stay there for 10-14 days, here you wait until all the girls from all over the world arrive and the check-in is formed.

After the check-in is formed, you all fly together to Riyadh, where a bus meets you and takes you to the villa where you are quarantined (paid).

Accommodation is provided to the girls of the Prestige modeling agency in a villa or on a yacht. Parties take place on an island or in a club in the desert. Parties take place in different ways, 1-3 times a week, but the rate is paid daily for each day of arrival, regardless of the parties.

At the villa or yachts during the parties, the prince has everything for a comfortable stay, starting from the gym, ending with chefs, manicure masters, there is a masseuse and a beauty salon, etc.

Meals are provided to models 3-4 times a day (chefs cook on yachts, half of them have Michelin stars).
Fruits, vegetables and sweets are always on the table.

There are maids in the villa who clean up after you, wash the dishes, make the bed, iron and wash things.

There is enough free time. You have a lot of entertainment at your disposal: sunbathing on the beach, playing volleyball, surfing (there is an instructor) and many other water activities, a gym.

How to apply for modeling parties in Dubai

To submit a questionnaire for approval, you need to provide your current photos and videos. They must be fresh, the material "from the archives" will not work. You will need 10-15 photos from both professional photography and beautiful and clear photos from life. Photos in which you are standing with your back, where you are wearing a headdress or your eyes are covered with glasses are not allowed. It is also forbidden to use photos after Photoshop or with any filters.

In addition, you need to shoot a video walk - a short video in which you walk back and forth in a monochrome swimsuit with a smile. Choose a place with good lighting for shooting.

Finally, you need to make a video presentation in English, where your face and sweet smile are clearly visible. In the video, you need to introduce yourself, name your age, weight and parameters. It will be a plus if you tell us a little about your hobbies. You can tell me the date of the video recording. Remember, in the video you have to be cute and even a little naive.

Important: the color and length of the hair in the photo and video should be the same.

If your candidacy is approved, you must be ready to provide a passport and name the city of departure that is convenient for you. In some cases, you may be asked to send a photo of your passport even before your candidacy is approved - to make sure that the age you specified is correct (some girls try to hide their age by indicating the one they think they look like).

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